Cellular Nutrition

Arising Direct/Cellular Nutrition

Cellular Nutrition

“You cannot be Healthy

unless your Cells are Healthy”

Arising Direct’s ‘Cellular Nutrition’ technology is a way to nourish your cells with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other vital nutrients for a stronger, healthier, better and youthful life with reduced effects of aging. Cellular nutrition helps to nourish body cells and keep them active in order for the body to be able to absorb all the essential nutrients from foods we intake, at optimum levels.

Nutritional Pyramid

Primal Nutrition

It’s about analysing the current status of our “Physical Body” & nourishing it with right dietary habits to supply sufficient nutrients & minerals.

Ultra Nutrition

Enhancing specific performance area above & beyond normal: Allowing us to live & perform at a higher level than provided by our native environment By employing the nutrition technology to manipulate hormones, cellular oxygen delivery and antioxidant levels to perform at higher level.

Ortho nutrition

Correcting the nutritional imbalances caused by toxic environment. Identifying various nutritional imbalances and specific Pathologies Correcting the nutritional imbalances specific to the individual & to re-establish the balance.

Telo Nutrition

By altering the telomere biology & influence gene expression. Altering the telomere biology to manipulate the progression and transcription of the gnome Finding the appropriate nutrients in the optimal dosage that support to maintain telomere or activate telomerase enzyme.